Body Face Lotion Boxes

Body Face Lotion Boxes

Our company has vast collection of custom cosmetic body face lotion boxes in countless colors, latest designs, in various shapes and sizes. All are printed in exciting colors and designs depending upon your unique choice. These are made of high quality card stock, kraft, corrugated and cardboard material. Some also made from Eco-friendly Kraft, card stock and plastic material and more.

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Custom Body Face Lotion Boxes

Body face lotion boxes are more than the packaging boxes for lotion products. These boxes help to add more values and uniqueness to your products. As cosmetic products are the basic need of everyone nowadays, so body and face lotion, among these items, is especially the everyday need of, almost, all houses in our daily life. In all seasons our skin would be able to maintain hydration and elasticity but, the reality remains the factor such as harshness and exposure to environmental element like dust particles, and dry out leaving it less than ideal.

Whitening creams, moisturizing and healing lotions relate to body care needs. Some are specifically formulated for dry skin. Care for the skin of the body is important as much as you care for your face. Body and face lotion covers the cracks in your skin and provide nourishment to tissues of body. Since these items are little costly so these to be packed properly in boxes with luxury graphics printed on them.

Our custom lotion boxes cover up your branded body and face lotions or stuff as much as for longer time. These will give your product a new and attractive look. For example, if you have a branded lotion but after sometime, you feel that its outer covering is going to be damage day by day, then you hesitate and shift your product at different place. But now it will not happen because we produce these boxes from long lasting rigid material. You also have option to select the desired style and colors for branding your product.

As far as customization is concerned, beauty, moisturizing, and medication lotions slightly require different type of packaging according to their specific use. Normally, medicated cosmetics come is paperboard folding cartons but when the product is selected to beautify one’s body then more luxury themes are introduced in their packaging.

Rectangular shaped boxes could be designed with tuck end, snap lock, sealed end, auto bottom full flap auto bottom, and hanger panel style and more. Normally this type of boxes has double tuck end flaps for closing them conveniently. Box dividers for protecting glass bottles, are also used in the packaging of liquid lotions and creams.

Various designs are printed on lotion product packaging made of cardboard paper material in CYMK colors along with many other shades. To give out a see through look from a closed container, a thin plastic film is coated over a custom cut window on the box that also protect the interior item from environmental effects. These boxes with window could be customized in single, double or full color options along with captivating designs.

Our company offers body and face lotion packaging at wholesale rates. Get in touch with us and buy the custom packaging in short or large run along with numerous customizations under one roof . Get all these at lowest cost, yet in highest quality for your luxury products. Your product will look unique when placed with other products on any retail shop or market due to its unparalleled packaging.

If you have different items in same category then we can also offer dissimilar styles of the packaging boxes according to individual product. For fragile or delicate products that need some extra care, you may order box inserts to secure them during transportation with great care. Reach us and share your plan to buy your product packaging online. What you want? What is your budget? We would be more than happy to assist you while selection of best packaging that that give your brand a unique recognition.

Along with just to fill the product in, you may also present it as a gift with complete set of body care lotions to your customers or beloved in our beautifully design lotion gift boxes. We are here to suggest you the best packaging for all your makeup or cosmetic products in any size and shape that you can order them easily.