Bottle Packaging Boxes

Bottle Packaging Boxes

Vast selection of bottle packaging of boxes is available in markets. Bottle with vintage collection wines, champagne and cognac are completely packed in bottle boxes. For ordinary bottles simply cardboard boxes are available to protect bottles from contamination. At packing of bottles in boxes do not need to wrap in papers. Bottle boxes are made of high quality durable material like cardboard, corrugated stock, plastic material and more. All these sturdy material make your packaging strong and protect delicate bottles from damages.

Key Features

  • Made from sturdy material to protect your bottle during transport.
  • For custom shaped bottles we produce dividers to wrap the bottle and put inside the box.
  • Also available with multiple diecut circles to fit multiple bottles having series of ingredients.
  • Best for food, cosmetic, medical, gift, and retail industries.
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Custom Bottle Packaging Boxes

Custom Bottle Box Packaging

Bottles are breakable products require precautionary treatment and special packaging. Sometimes there are expensive wines or cognac inside the box. Therefore, each bottle has different broken capacity that leads to significant losses. To avoid this, specialized packaging of these boxes are used. Boxes are design to protect the glass bottles from damages during storage and while transportation. Wrapping of the bottles in wrappers and then pack them in boxes is a technical operation for product packaging.

Packaging bottle boxes are a great way to package your sensitive glass bottles and jars in variety of sizes. Full color printed bottle packaging box is a immense factor in how marketing is performed for products , and keeping up with the latest packaging trends is important to keeping your marketing edge more smooth. Glass and plastic bottles are made in diverse sizes and shapes so selection of best packaging is a crucial point. Bottle packaging box should be content rich about inner particulars. We have some recommended methods to design your boxes.

In boxes of bottles stack vertically, in containers-both vertically, and in a lying position. Collectible and vintage wines and cognacs are also packed in artistically decorated boxes that enhance the beauty of bottles and make them more attractive. At non-urban transportation in the winter time, and also in areas of far north internal walls of closed boxes are covered with an insulating material. Some foreign countries practice also a way of packing of bottles on pallets and in bags covered with polyethylene film, and also in cardboard boxes in a lying position (3 rows on 4 bottles in each). Between the rows are laid cardboard partitions with special sockets for bottles.

As describe earlier that a cardboard and corrugated boxes are highly beneficial and most common boxes for bottles. Bottles are the most common containers for any kind of liquids such as wines, pharmacy and dairy products, detergents and other technical means. Various advantages of box packaging are here such as; boxes protect your glass bottles as well as the liquid in it, this may give an elegant look to your product when place at any sale point; in shopping malls or in a retail shop. Bottles packaging in custom boxes help to showcase your product in market.

Our company manufacturers ‘made custom bottles packaging boxes of any types. Suitable designs and graphics should be printed on these boxes according to your product need. Within designing we should also print product information like ingredients along with maker’s identity like your brand name, company logo, expiry date, advertising text, barcodes and more. Advertising of brand and its promotion are very important for the product. This entire information helps customer to identify the product. Our first priority is the satisfaction of our customer.

To make your bottle boxes more presentable, we should create a die cut window at boxes that helps buyer to see what is inside the box. Furthermore, other finishes like foiling of different colors especially silver and gold, embossing and more make your packaging attractive between other similar products. We should also laminate these boxes with a thin film of transparent plastic material that protect box from water, sunlight and moisture.
These bottle boxes are available in any custom shapes, sizes and styles with great color combinations and finishes. We should use in of CMYK colors and other different latest color on your demand. You can personalize bottles packaging boxes for your home, offices and present as gift on events. Specialized packaging boxes for gift bottles are also available with more decorations such as ribbons, glitters and more.

Get your desired bottles packaging of any custom sizes at wholesale rate or at lowest cost. You can contact us and also free shipping with us from worldwide. We should provide you promotional offers to raise you business in market and make your brand demanded among audience.