Box Dividers

Custom product dividers are categorized in many types. Few of them are corrugated box dividers, plastic box dividers, plastic corrugated dividers, plastic product dividers, multipurpose product dividers, cardboard dividers packing. Purpose of all these box dividers is same that is safety of interior stuff.

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Product Safety with Custom Product Dividers

Want to improve product box strength, save product from scratches and improve your product safety during shipping? Custom structured boxes dividers can help. The custom box dividers in your product container holding your product are among the most important for protection, and these are a great packaging item used by lot of industries.

Custom Product Dividers are used for a diverse range of auto parts, metal parts, electronins and more..

Why Custom Dividers are Required?

If you want to put more than one item into same box, just like game balls, then you will be needed product dividers which have spaces comparable to size of the item. For safety purposes, you should have one, or and if the merchandise is heavy in weight then at most, two box dividers or inserts in the box per item. It will make your packaging very strong. For heavy weight items mostly foam or corrugated (A, B, C or E Flute) are used just because of their thickness.

Now that you’re ready to produce the custom box dividers, our sales team will guide you in creating the perfect dimensions necessary for your packaging item. No single product in the box is damaged if selected material is strong enough. We do lot of customizations in divider structures. Our product box dividers come in numerous sizes and shapes. If you are looking to buy the retail box divider with custom printing then this service we also have. From screen to offset printing, there is not a problem for us.

If you are trying to put two, three or four items into a single box, it’s demanded to get custom box dividers and consider making up the dividers have several different rooms so you can package the items in more professional manner. Now is also required to get good structured custom packaging dividers for where your product is packaged in your chosen dimensions. If you are already have designed specific dividers for your box packaging, contact us, and we will manufacture then on the stock you desire.

Our wholesale cardboard dividers are strong enough keeping your product safe during shipping and handling. We manufacture and supply thick corrugated sheets and cardboard dividers and diverse range of packaging inner items on good equipment that does not demand much costs. This is the reason that we can offer very cheap prices. The dividers we will deliver would be free from dust, sharp boundaries, and without scattering. Our box dividers will step-up your products packaging ideas to you your customer.

Main Factors for Strong Box Dividers

Once you have decided to use dividers for inner packaging, here are few recommendations to get the strong custom product dividers.

Material used is high-quality, relevant to the box, not wet.

Die cut hole is included on the top to pull the packaged item from assembled box.

Accurate die cutting has done within body of divider.

Don’t make much difference in its dimensions from box it will fit in.

Height of dividers is relevant to product and box.

Scoring should be accurate so it can be folded easily. If you are using corrugated material then perforation is also a better choice. That will make the folding lines much easy to fold.

If you are required specific divider that come along with the packaging box as we have done for lot of customers, and then be sure you have included them in the box artwork as well.

Create Customized Product Dividers

Additional major factors, such as the thickness of packaging material, and the number of items per container and weight of product coming into the dividers and you way to package the items in custom product dividers will also play a big role in the strength of custom designed dividers.

Furthermore, if you are needed the crucial quality product box dividers the come to us where you will make your dividers that are more professionally manufactured within your budget, competitive prices, with free design, no set up cost setup, and within short turnaround time will In a very impressive manner.

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