Box Partitions

Box Partitions

There are different types of cardboard box partitions like corrugated, fiber, chipboard partitions. For our customers, we have plain partition corrugated box. Also, look for double or triple corrugated walls if at all possible according to your product needs. These strong boxes are typically more resistant to pressure than a cardboard box and are usually made of eco friendly recycled materials.

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Custom Box Partitions

Packaging partitions or inserts are the fundamental of fruitful presentation of you product to customers. Informative stuff including Product CD, booklet and other accessories of a computer device you have normally seen if you ever bout such product. These are mostly used for Electrical Plugs & Sockets, Measuring Instruments, Hardware & Tools, Gifts, Craft & Baby Toys, Consumer Electronics, Industrial Parts, Mobile Phone & Accessories, Modems & Laptops, Construction Material, Light Bulbs & Energy Savers, Cooking Appliances, USB Flash Drives.

The act of dividing or partitioning the whole box into small fragments or zone by the creation of boundaries is known as box partition. It is a set of cardboard or corrugated sheets which are cut, scheduled and assembled to form a number of small compartments. These partitions are made to fit various sizes of products conveniently. Basically, partitions also referred to as a divider or separators and are used to protect all types of products from damage during transport. Box partitions are suitable for multiple small and tall height products. These are perfect inner slot when top and bottom strength is needed.

The type of box you use for packaging will be most important element to ship your fragile items successfully. If you select a low quality material of cardboard box then, it doesn’t matter what other safety measures you take to keep your item safe. A box itself bears the hardships during storage and while transport. When you are shipping delicate materials, you wrap items safely in boxes that are made from strong material. The pharmaceutical medicine and distilleries can be safely packaged in these partition boxes. We can customize these boxes depending on the size and shape of the bottles.

The other partition box for protection of your product is chipboard packaging boxes which are highly effective cost friendly choice to other styles of internal packaging of box. At our company, we have great stock of these boxes of different calibers because there thickness is varies from thin to more thick, as well as different shapes and structures through die cutting during their manufacturing process on these partitions. Thickness of box increase the protection of your product and box as well.

The box and the designs printed on it make first and attractive impression for customers. We can produce different 3D designs to review before you buy. You can change the shape in any complex anatomical structures that suit your product and dimensions perfectly. Sometime the inserts are made in a single piece structure, but if you have to make something with complex or irregular room for products fitness inside then you may construct them several parts or pieces.

We can also print some production information for the protection of packaged item like what product in it? Is it fragile or stiff? Precautions along with manufacturer’s identity like your company logo, contact information, and more. All this information helps your item in storage and during transportation. During shipping the text printed on the box help that it’s a fragile product or handle it with care.

General partition companies also offer layers for partition that is a junction between products that enclosed in box. Partition is single or double in a box and we also create several partitions all over the box which divided the box into small rooms for more products similar to the first one. These partitions mostly made for delicate items like wine glass, glass bottles, for the packaging of mirrors or glass containers, or more products which keep your product secure from friction with each other.

If you are not find designs or styles for partitions then we heartily help you and suggest you the unique and latest styles of quality partition boxes for your product. We can make partition boxes of all styles, shape and sizes on your demand. You can free shipping with us from all over the world and get customize partition boxes at wholesale rate. Get these custom boxes in your range from our promotional offers.