Brown Kraft Boxes

Brown Kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes have high durability, great service life and excellent design. Due to their high strength they perfectly protect the packaging of breakable products. At office crossings, they are perfectly transported important documents, keeping in their normal appearance. The use of Kraft paper can significantly increase the stability of the box as well as the packaging product. With the combinations of different dark tones and acrylic paint of white color, you can also achieve other unexpected colors.

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Custom Brown Kraft Boxes

Kraft is a flat layer of corrugated cardboard consisting of Kraft Cellulose. This material is characterized by its brownish color, elevated barriers and rigidity properties. Kraft boxes are widely distributed and are widely used for storing different ornaments and gifts. They are made of Kraft paper, which is recognize for its beautiful properties and can be used by craftsman for making their masterpieces. The composition of cardboard is multi- components, however the crafting material is a multi layered material.

Kraft boxes are made from natural brown colored Kraft paper. The kraft boxes are popularized due to its Eco-friendly material. Kraft box is always printed with spot colors just because halftone images are not printed with genuine impression. We create customized kraft boxes in various patterns using your custom artwork.

The number of layers varies from two to eight depending on the capabilities of the machine. Most often produce two layer Kraft layer and the base brown layer consist of secondary fiber and outer layer mainly from long primary fibers. The use of this material to create Kraft boxes, allows you to achieve the best impressive designs.

In markets, various types of Kraft boxes are available in different shapes and sizes. We can see bright packaging of Kraft boxes in shelves of retail shops. Kraft boxes are used for storage and while transporting of goods. Brown Kraft boxes are used industrially for many purposes during shipping of fragile products. Many companies try to add more work in the packaging of different products through Kraft material.

At our company, we should make custom brown Kraft boxes in any shape, size, and style with brownish color and more other colors with various combinations. There are many reasons to select the brown Kraft boxes for premium packaging of your items. Firstly, the white cardboard was required for the printing on the boxes looked bright; the most accurately conveyed the design of the designer to increase the sale. But there is a limit when advertising can no longer become even brighter, even more attractive.

Secondly, the boxes of brown Kraft underline our concern for the natural resources of the planet. No chemicals are used to change natural organic appearance. Brown Kraft cardboard is better for the environment because it does not need strong solvents for cellulose whitening. It is very important that the production of these boxes requires fewer trees.

While creating the appearance of the box, our professionals firstly ask about customers expectations about their packaging. As a result it turns out to be a unique box. On the surface you can print drawings, graphics and more. Within printing we should also print product information like ingredients along with manufacturer’s identity like your brand name, company logo, embossing, advertising texts and more. This may help customer to recognize the product and know all types of information related to the product.

Most importantly, brown is a natural color that is associated with the parcel or courier. These boxes are ideal for gift packaging. Once you can see the brown boxes, you feel that there is something innovative for you, so it is very beneficial for gift wrapping. In addition brown Kraft board allows you to apply a picture of any paint, as it is visible in almost all colors. Impressive designs will emphasize the rate of your product.

Brown Kraft boxes with innovative printed designs used to present as a gift on special occasions like wedding ceremony or as a birthday gift. Get you’re desired printed or simple brown Kraft boxes of any custom size, shapes, and styles are available at wholesale rate or at lowest prices. You can free shipping with us from all over world. We should provide you exciting offers and brand awareness to raise your product value in market.