Bubble Envelopes

Bubble Envelopes

A bubble padded envelope is a packaging and shipping envelope having bubble pads interior. Bubble pad envelopes are the best way to ship your sensitive products. Our bubble padded envelopes are available with from single color to full color printing. A mailing padded envelope, for instance, may contain the single or double bubble pad having much thickness of bubbles, which is suitable for a gift or for mailing small electronic device or other items.

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Custom Bubble Envelopes

Envelops with bubble films are modern type of postal packaging, intended for shipping of various items such as, CDs/DVDs, electronic components, souvenir, videotapes and other items. Bubble envelops are a great idea to send or post different goods safely during shipping or while transportation.

These bubble envelops are widely popular as a light weight and inexpensive material for packaging. It is irreplaceable at moving and is used for packing and protection of fragile products requiring delicate handling transportation and storage. Multi-colored bubble padded envelopes are a great tool to package a specific type of product to ship it with great protection. Examples of padded envelopes include mailer padded envelopes, moving padded envelopes, custom padded envelopes, and security padded envelopes.

Bubble envelops are widely used for different purposes such as, furniture’s, sanitary wares, technical equipment, in offices, for glasses and mirrors also. There are lot of advantages of bubble envelops due to their attractive features like, these envelops gives different presentable appearance. There are many factors affecting on your packaging including sudden shock and continuous vibration during transits, but bubble envelops are resistant to mechanical shocks even during puncture. These envelops prevent the packed items from moisture.

All the material in bubble envelops consist of two layers, external and internal. For outer layer heavy duty Kraft material is used in pure white, brown and beige color. The bursting of bubble is a kind of tactile entertainment. It is a turn-around compression of bubbles on polythene with air bubbles that should packed with delicate product during shipping. Only the bubble burst with the characteristic sound deliver pleasure. Most people like to destroy the bubbles alone, withstand a pause between these actions.

Bubble envelops are made of quality polythene; a plastic material. Polythene plastic material prevents packaging items from many external influences. Bubble envelop has much less weight and occupy less volume. It has high strength and elasticity between their molecules. These boxes have high damping properties and are absolute water resistance. These envelops have less cost and are easily available in quality packaging. Thus, the runway is a versatile material that allows not only packing but also ensuring the safety of the subject during transportation.

At Sublime Packaging we should provided you premium packaging of your item in bubble envelops which not only pack the product in envelop but also provide protection against harmful effects. Within packaging in envelops, we should also print impressive designs on these envelops. Our great designers before starting their work ask about customer’s opinion and make such envelops according to the clients requirements. But if you are unaware about latest printed designs and colors then, our team assist you to select the luxurious print for your product.

We also print product information like brand name, company logo, advertising texts and more information that help to recognize the product. Barcodes and labeling are also essential during shipping or transport. Number of layers affects the quality of packaging which varies from single to double or triple. If your product is fragile and you are very conscious about breakage of your product, then we recommended you the double layer bubble envelops for safe packaging.

The main indicator that characterize the bubble envelops is its density; the amount of polythene in grams that are used in the production of 1 square. The higher the density of bubble film in bubble envelops then the more loads it withstands. To make your bubble envelops more specific, we can add more finishes like die cut plastic window covered with thin plastic film, embossing, foiling and more. We should laminate envelops with shinny or gloss lamination. In printing we can use CMYK colors and also other dull or bright colors according to your product requirements.

Get your desired bubble envelops of any custom shape, sizes and styles with great colorful printed designs at wholesale rate or at minimum cost. You can contact us and also free shipping with us from all over the world and enjoy our promotional offers to make your product packaging valuable in market. We should provide you related information for your brand awareness and help your product to rise in market.

Without a padded envelope, the movement of item from one place to other could literally or possibly damage the internal constituents or devices. Mostly electronics and computer accessories are packaged in padded envelopes even placed inside a corrugated box for further protection from inside movements.

Whenever you see bubble pad surrounded by a printed thick paper or card, it is most likely a custom printed padded envelope. You can usually the custom printed padded envelopes at sublimepackaging.com printed immediately and get your mail envelopes in wholesale costs.