Bubble Mailers

Bubble Mailers

The bubble mailer includes pad packaging for the protection of inside contents. Bubble or padded mailer typically made of polythene plastic material or paper exterior with a layer of bubble film that is slightly lighter weight and provide protection from sudden jerk.

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Custom Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailer consist of a bubble wrap contained with shipping envelop. Bubble wrap used as a protective material for shipping with industrial and commercial applications. Although these bubble mailer are shock absorption and withstand continuous vibration during transits. Bubble pad is placed within the packaging items for extra protection of breakable products. Bubble wraps are non adhesive and can easily slide. Bubble mailers are also known as shipping mailers and are designed to package and protect small items for mailing.

Some other padded mailers may line with recycled material or foam for cushioning instead of bubble lining. Rigid bubble mailers are also known as stay-flat mailers because they are made of high quality durable cardboard material or other plastic materials that are luxurious for shipping items.

Many mailers have an internal flap for safe packaging with a pressure, self adhesive for closure without the need of tape but some mailers require tap. A mailer that has a paper exterior such as Kraft or cardboard is durable in nature and are light weight. Plastic mailers are commonly called poly mailers because they are made of polythene or polypropylene material. Bubble mailers provide great resistance from water and are rigid or flexible depending on the type of material used in it. If your product is fragile then bubble mailers are essential for sending these items to their destination.

Due to its durability and great cushioning features with inner content makes this bubble mailer perfect for sending solid items that also need extra padding to compete their journey. Bubble mailers are widely used for books, CDs/ DVDs, jewelry, small electronics, certain fragile products such as glass and mirrors. Slim packaging of bubble mailers make it ideal for small items that mostly break during shipping. There are numerous types of mailers that include bubble mailers, chipboard, cardboard or paperboard mailers, plastic mailers and more.

We are proud to offer you the any type of custom bubble mailers for extra protection of your packaging item. Kraft paper bubble mailer is also used for mailing small products with bubble lining. Kraft paper creates a polish and professional appearance that will showcase your company’s product in retail shelves. And also enhance the name of your company and brands demand in market for your customers and potential buyers.

Bubble mailers are lighter and more compact then the padded mailers. Our padded bubble mailers are made of eco friendly recycled material and can be reused for some other purposes. We should provide quality material within impressive printed designs that make your bubble mailers more attractive and gives an elegant look to your product. Within printing designs, we should also print your brands information like your products name along with maker’s identity like company logo, advertising texts, stamping, barcodes and more that help buyers to identify product conveniently.

If you are very conscious about your packaging security then we should suggest you double layer of bubble mailers for extra protection of your item. Durability of bubble mailers rises with the density of bubble film inside the mailer. We should also laminate these mailers with matte or gloss lamination that provides resistance from moisture. Furthermore, foiling of gold and silver enhance the beauty of your mailers.

You can personalize your own bubble mailers of any custom sizes, shapes, styles with color printed designs at wholesale rate or at lowest price. You can contact us from anywhere in the world. We should provide promotional offers and related information to make your product luxury among audience.