Candle Boxes

Candle Boxes

Custom candle boxes act as a safeguard for glass candles, preventing them from injuries during their movements in master cartons or shipping. Such candle cartons are made from thick cardboard material. Perhaps the most usual candle boxes are the one that made from SBS or kraft papers when you try to put light weight candles without any complex shape.

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Custom Candle Boxes

In most households candles can be used for more than one purpose. So they are manufactured accordingly and stored in different packaging boxes. It can be used as a candle display boxes, packaging box and also used as gift box for especial events. Candle boxes give an elegant look and also provide great protection to your handmade or ready-made candles. Candles can make the perfect gift for someone no matter what the occasion.

Candle can be simply practical, decorative or romantic as well as provide peaceful scent.A candle box often called a candle gift box, is used for putting multi shaped candles inside. Custom candle boxes could also be with a plastic window that exhibits your candles to customers. Custom printed candle boxes is about to perform a successive marketing operation to get potential customers.

Vast selection of candles with their packaging are available in market and many companies try to make best candle boxes to raise their businesses in markets. Every packaging company fined a better way to present their products in attractive and luxurious packaging boxes. And if you are intended to present a candle gift to someone or set of candles as a present, then you will required candle boxes for safe packaging and transport of your candles. These boxes keep the candles safe from every chipping or damage during shipping.

Candle boxes can be made from different high quality durable materials like cardboard, wooden box, corrugated stock, eco friendly Kraft and more. Premium plastic material can also be used as a displaying box for candles in retail shelves. Candles displaying boxes help to showcase your item in market. All these sturdy material provide protection against many external influences and damages. Wooden boxes for candles offers decorative touch to the standard candle gift just because they are usually handmade and prepared specially.

Cardboard box for candles is widely available that is made from compressed tree pulp and eco friendly. These types of boxes are easy to hold and are affordable for everyone. These boxes will keep the candles at optimum cool temperature. Whatever, the material used for packaging of candle boxes but all boxes are filled with layer of sift tissue papers so that the candles remain protected during storage. Size of the box is depends upon the size of candle for packaging.

At Sublime Packaging we can make candle boxes of any custom sizes, shapes, and styles. Huge collection of candles is available in shops ranges from large church candles to a tea lights and also small candles to create light for romantic dinner. Occasionally, many boxes that are used for candles are cube shape and more circular boxes to make your box unique. Within packaging we should print impressive and classical designs on boxes according to your product requirement.

Before making candle boxes we should firstly know about customer’s embryonic ideas for packaging of their product and then work accordingly. Within designing we should also print product information like your product name along with manufacturer’s identity like your company logo, advertising texts, barcodes and more. Labeling should also help full for identifying the product. All these information help your product to satisfy your customer.

To make your packaging more specific, we should create a die cut window on any panel of the box, foiling of gold and silver make your packaging more attractive. Furthermore, we should also laminate candle boxes with matte and gloss lamination which protects your box against moisture and water. You can personalize your artistically designed candle boxes for your home. All these boxes are richer in texture and latest colorful printed designs.

A candle box not only protects your product but also provide a great charm to potential customers. These boxes can customize according to your requirement, additional support such as UV coating. Get your custom candle boxes at wholesale rate or in affordable prices. You can contact us and also free shipping with us from all over the world and enjoy our services at your home. We should also give you promotional offers to make your product demandable among audience.