Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are used for storage of different products such as storage of alcoholic bottles, household items, confectionery products, jewelry, cosmetics, clothes, sport equipment, foot wear and many other things. Each of the types of this package has its own peculiarities. For example, in packaging of household products double layer of cardboard boxes used to increase thickness as well as durability of boxes.

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Custom Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are one of the simplest and most economically feasible types of packaging material. In its modern form, they have thoughtful form and impressive external designs. Cardboard boxes are not only contributes to organized storage, transportation and protection of goods, but also effective for stimulation of sales. Specificity for the production packaging of cardboard boxes is traditionally made of corrugated cardboard. These boxes are used for many purposes in homes and in industries.

Cardboard boxes are inspired by specific artwork that includes multiple text colors, logo and images. These Boxes have played a wide role in product packaging and shipping or moving. These are made from super strong cardboard material that gives your box high support during shipping. Cardboard is a term commonly used to refer a paper varying in thickness used for large scale packaging. These are printed with personalized graphics and product content in full color output.

Main purpose of cardboard boxes is to store homogeneous products on large scale. The production of cardboard boxes for transportation or shipping of different goods is currently on of the largest industrial sectors. Such specialized packing has high resistance to mechanical and atmospheric influences such as vibrations, sudden shocks and fluctuations. The special design of such products ensures safety of transported products from moisture, unauthorized access, blows.

Transport packaging of cardboard has shells, special inserts and shock absorbents, which are made of dense corrugated cardboard. Often such boxes provide transportation of bulky objects. However, they can be used for transportation of any products. There are many features of cardboard boxes that forced customers to select this packaging for the protection and transport of their products. Cardboard boxes have an attractive appearance. It promotes safe transportation of complex electronic products and is subject to distribution in several directions.

Cardboard boxes are one of the most common types of packaging product. Corrugated cardboard is much lighter than plastic or wood material. This is one of the reasons that customers prefer cardboard boxes due to their lighter in weight. Conveniently, cardboard boxes for moving “under the force” significantly facilitate the task of loading/unloading, because their compact dimensions are convenient for loaders. Problems with loading and lifting things in the elevator also will not arise. Plus corrugated cardboard allows you to make the most efficient use of the place in the truck.

At Sublime Packaging, we can make cardboard boxes of any sizes, shapes and styles. Within packaging, we should also print impressive designs on boxes. Classical printed and graphics designs raise the beauty of these boxes. Our skilled designers print any kind of designs by using CMYK colors according to your product requirement. And also assist you to select the good for your packaging product.