Cosmetic Cream Boxes

Cosmetic Cream Boxes

These custom printed cream boxes for cosmetic products are made of high quality and durable material to give your product a secure room for long term. Furthermore, strong paper stock helps to keep the quality of box same while frequent opening and closing during the product usage. Alternatively, these keep this beauty item fresh and secure for long time consumption.

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Custom Cosmetic Cream Boxes

A cosmetic box is used to enclose, store and transport cosmetic cream product. These cosmetic products enhance the appearance or preserve texture of human body. Usually, creams are medicated used for body care. Somehow, these are used for skin whitening and beautifying the face look, being most popular in females.

Ladies are always keen about their choice, as they select the product with a luxurious look. So to enhance the packaging of this make-up item, these are wrapped in the boxes printed with attractive designs. The main purpose of the cream boxes is to protect the product while it is in storage or being transported, but if these are customized in luxurious styles and colors then your product demand would be increases among its audience. The cosmetic boxes must be a very attractive and strong to protect the product from deteriorationand damages, helping it to preserve its quality for a long tenure.

These boxes are also printed with product information, instructions and ingredients, along with its manufacturer’s identity like their company logos, contact information, expiry date, barcodes, advertising text and more. All the information not only make it easy for customers to identify the product and its origin but also helps to by providing the facts that can’t be confusing.

A consumer prefers to buy a product that has a portable package, performing its function as expected. The package must protect the item and give all the information necessary for consumers. So custom cream box printing is must for delivering your message and product info to your audience conveniently.

Normally, these boxes are made of high quality cardboard, Kraft and corrugated material. The best quality of these materials, used for cream packaging, provide great protection to your product and shield it from dust particles, dirt and germs.

Cream packaging boxes are personalized in different shapes, sizes, colors and so many design variations depending upon the nature of your product. If product packaging is elegant, then it enhances attraction of your product towards its audience. Furthermore, your packaging must have a unique look when placed with other products in the market at a retail shop. Different shapes of these packaging boxes give different look to your product.

At our company, you can customize these boxes by numerous design options along with own size and styles. There are many kinds of cosmetic creams including; fairness creams, facial creams, moisturizing creams and more. Cream glass or plastic jars are initially packaged in card stock folding cartons, with respective brand names printed on them, and some special brands produce their cream products in tubes. These tube containers are further protected in packaging boxes. Furthermore, these are often displayed in cosmetic display boxes in retail shelves of their selling point.

As described above, creams often come in jar or tube shapes containers so their packaging is customized accordingly. For a cream jar, rectangular shaped boxes are mostly preferred and designed in tuck end style, and tuck end auto-bottom style.

These boxes have single or double tuck end flaps for closing them conveniently. During manufacturing process, shape of these folding cartons in produced by custom die cuts and after finishing these are assembled or glued from side to create a ready to use package for fulfilling the product in it.

Technically, the tuck end style is further divided into two types, straight tuck and reverse tuck end. In straight tuck end style, top and bottom flaps of folding cartons fold from the rear panel and tuck into the front panel handily while in reverse tuck end the both closing panels are at opposite panels, one is from panel and other is rear.

Once you receive these boxes, there is no need to glue them, just fold the box and it would be complete in its square or rectangular structure. Put your item in it, close it, or further put your packaging label on it, and your package is ready to ship its audience.

If you’re finding a box for your cream product in wholesale cost then look no further. We can produce any size and shape that is best for your product in term of quality. Our prices are highly competitive and our boxes will not only be the top of the line and dependable, but also personalized with your own design perfectly. Furthermore, these boxes are helpful to increase your brand awareness or exhibition through simple to comprehend look.

We also do lot of finishes for these boxes like gold or silver foil and embossing that not only attract customers but are mandatory for your packaging innovations. Our infinite manufacturing choices for paper stocking, lamination, coating, color, custom die-cutting, embossing and window patching provide you with the freedom to create any desired cream box, the best you like the best.