Cosmetic Display Boxes

Cosmetic Display Boxes

These boxes are suitable any kind of cosmetic products in whatever shape, structure, or look. Mostly showcases are used for displaying the beauty items at sale point. But these boxes are less expensive compared to the cases, most often used for the displaying of luxury and expensive cosmetic products by small and big brands. These boxes must be aesthetically attractive and function to ensure the safety of your product, and it is most advantageous to present it to the potential customers.

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Custom Cosmetic Display Boxes

Cosmetic display boxes are used for packaging and displaying of cosmetic products over retail counters. These boxes enhance presence or exhibition of your product in retail shelves or in any other market’s shop. If these are printed with a luxury artwork then these elevate the beauty of packaged product in it. You can place your product in different rows or columns in any desired number of products in it.

A cosmetic display box is actually a diecut structure consisting of a base part and when you fold it for usage then there is a header on back panel. The header is printed with some promotional text along with logo or product images to attract audience. Customers can read the product benefits, promotions, brand name or any other helpful material from it quickly. The base of the display box is further coupled with an insert, having diecut slots, to put individual products in vertical position securely.

These cosmetic display packaging cases are made with an elegant look to motivate the audience by exposing the unique design printed on them. These are very impressive and classically designed in numerous colors, shapes and sizes, demanded for any specific product. Good packaging expresses manufacturer’s choice or professionalism about the selection of colors and material used for it.

These are normally made of cardboard, mostly demanded by new and leading manufacturers of cosmetic and perfumery products. At our company, we provided you affordable price, brilliant designs for printing on these boxes for powder, creams, shadows, mascara and more. Either your product is in any jar or bottle container, these packages protect glass vials and plastic jars from external environmental effects, preserves product quality, and prolong their look towards audience.

In our daily life, when we go to shopping malls and especially at the place where only cosmetic items are placed, we see a big collection similar items made by different manufacturers. Meanwhile, we give a look to the area where we have to purchase any respective item. Here, Hmmm! Again! Many brands. So what to buy or what would be the best. Obviously, we will get towards the one that looks so nice. Hence, manufacturers always maintain the beauty and look of their product packaging by spending huge amount on it. Yes! Just to grab audience attention.

Packaging for cosmetic products must be eye-catching, influence customer’s mind to get that product purchased. To put this type of qualities in packaging, one need to personalize it by innovative graphics, unique artwork and custom sizes. Using modern technologies and materials, we offer manufacturing of this packaging made from a variety of paper materials, such as cardboard, sbs board and kraft board, further enhanced with metalized text like silver or gold foil and even finished by holographic film.

Printing for these beauty product display boxes is personalized in self desired colors, design themes and more. During the whole process, printing is carried out on sheets via cmyk offset printing technique by machines. Once sheets are printed then further finishes like glossy or matte lamination, solid and selective UV costing, foil stamping, and embossing, and special die cutting styles are used for finishing and giving them a special shape. We are a wholesale manufacturers and can do this job with excellence.