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How to Create Attractive packaging for retail products?

The best form of advertising is the packaging that holds your product. Package design is a prime method of drawing consumers’s attention and desire toward any product, and the quality of the design can often be the difference that makes the sale. It is not so difficult to create an attractive packaging box with custom options for your product. You just need to know few basic information regarding its structure and graphics. A good design will catch a consumer’s eye and want to make them pick up the product for a closer look, and, eventually, head to the register with it.

We at offer number of custom options ( check Customer Services ) for your packaging boxes and some of them we offer without any extra charges. These custom options along with full color graphics will make your packaging more attractive.

Below are some basic info. to create a good packaging for your product. If you need more help please contact our customer services team and we will assist you regarding this.

Graphic Design Tutorials and Training

We will be more than happy to assist you to create effective packaging for your products. For this purpose We have recently launched Graphic Design Tutorials and Training courses online to help you in creating dielines, packaging templates, design files for printing output, print ready artworks and much more. Follow us on social media for new updates on daily basis. All these tutorials and training courses free and you can access all these information from our blog and social links below.

How to Create Attractive packaging for retail products?

Alway select the correct size box for your product. Measure the dimensions of of your product and then select the size for box that can fit your product inside it easily. Below image shows all panels of a box that helps you to mean the box according to your product’s dimensions. At SublimePackaging we can make a box of any size that fit your product on almost all paper stocks.

Box Dimensions

How to Select Styles?

Below are some standard styles of regular retail boxes based on the shapes of panels,

  • 1– TTAB – Tuck Top Auto Bottom
  • 2– RTE – Reverse Tuck End
  • 3– TTSLB – Tuck Top Snap lock Bottom
  • 4– STE – Straight Tuck End
  • 5– BSSTE – Book style Straight Tuck End
  • 6– FSE – Full Seal End
  • 7– DGSW – Double Glued Sidewall

How to Select Colors?

All colors must be converted to CMYK for full color graphics. The PMS and Pantone colors need to be converted to CMYK colors . This is probably the first most important design tip that you must consider when designing a job that is going to be run as a process job. Please, never submit full color files using RGB, Pantone or PMS colors for full color graphics! Otherwise our prepress department will convert Pantone, PMS, RGB and spot colors to 4-color tints).

We also do Pantone and Spot colors but there would be some extra set-up cost for this.

What should be the bleed margin?

Allow 0.125″ of ink/graphics past the edges. A “bleed” is needed when ink will be printed to the edge of a box. Because boxes can move up to 1/32″ when being cut, you need to extend the ink past the perimeter of the box. This guards against a white line being unintentionally added to your box.

What should be the color of small text?

It is best not to colorize small text. What happens is that all printing presses have a little bit of variance in the consistency of the position of the different color plates. This is called misregistration. The cyan, magenta, yellow and black portions of the text characters don’t line up exactly. So the result is little colored halos around the characters. It’s ok to use colored text on large, headline type, or smaller sizes down to about 12 point size, but much smaller than that will be too noticeable and you won’t like it. The same thing holds true for white (knock-out) text on a dark or colored background. You can do it but don’t use point sizes smaller than about 12 point. Otherwise the words may be hard to read and it will look unprofessional.

What is outlined text?

When we open a graphic file to a different computer then fonts missing errors mostly occure. In order to avoid the font issues the text should be outlined(curved). If you’re using Adobe Illustrator then its so simple.

  • 1– Press Ctrl+A keys
  • 2– Press Ctrl+Shift+O
  • 3– Save the file with a new name
  • The whole text in the artwork is outlined.

Will my printed piece look exactly like it does on my computer monitor?

No! Monitors are usually not calibrated so you might find dramatic differences in between your monitor and the final printed piece. In addition, color profiles set but graphic design software might generate even more differences. For Pantone colors always use pantone publication for exact color match.

What Should be the resolution of images in the artwork?

Always use images of high resolution min. 300dpi in the artwork.

Have any other questions about designing of your box?

If you require further assistance in designing your packaging then contact our sales team. We will be happy to assist you.