Eyeshadow Boxes

Eyeshadow Boxes

Custom Eyeshadow boxes come in rectangular, round, and in any irregular shaped. For a rectangular and round eyeshadow container the packaging selection is quite easy because of easily measurable dimensions but for irregular shapes an expert can finalize the packaging structure that could enhance the overall beauty of product.

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Custom Eyeshadow Boxes

Eyeshadow boxes are utilized for packaging of cosmetic eyeshadow products. It can protect these products and also promote their brands while placed in shopping mall racks with neighbor products manufactured by other companies. These boxes are formed in different shaped and sizes based on inner item to hold and secure it from any damage during transport and usage.

Eye shadow is used by females for making their eyes attractive by coloring them by different shades. Mostly, we see this cosmetic product in a rigid plastic container, with different apartments or tiers, teaching having different shade or color. If there is only one shade then there is only a single pan with brush or other stuff to apply the color under the eyebrow. So it means, this product is available in different sizes. Based on its variable size, we see different types of packaging for different products in our daily life.

For a single pan eyes-hadow boxes, you can either chose a small rectangular eyes-hadow box or create an envelope like package. This package has a diecut window on one side and further an insert, holding the eyeshadow pan, is placed inside. This insert keeps the pan immovable and even in closed envelope, you can pick out the material from the pan using brush. The eyeshadow pan envelope or package is slightly bigger in size than the pan, so product along with insert could be inserted in easily.

In today’s market, cosmetic brands always keep their product packaging much smart and attractive as possible. By this aim, they chose elegant designs, material and along with colors to be printed on these boxes or packages. Since, eyeshadow product is a fragile product so it should be enclosed in a strong box that can keep it secure while moving or storing. When you select material, there should be a high grade stock so your product look costly. Otherwise a poor packaging will spoil your product’s look and people will ignore it, even whatever the interior product you offer.

At our company, we offer both services and suggestions to deliver the professional packaging. This keeps our customer’s brand demandable because of our struggle to produce the most dependable quality. During printing process, we first create a mock-up box and check the proper fitness to the product to be place inside and then make the necessary amendments in both graphics and dimensions, if needed. We are more than just a packaging manufacturers, because we shape your brand and monitor its success.

Along with these rectangular shaped eyeshadow boxes, we can do rectangular, hexagonal and even cylindrical packaging so you can launch uniqueness in your product packaging. Almost in every country worldwide, there are thousands of both small and big brands making millions of cosmetic items resulting the increase in demands for innovation in packaging. Due to the increasing variations and trends in cosmetic industry everyone is looking the luxurious packaging.

Making the luxury cosmetic boxes, especially for eyeshadows, is little expensive but at ourcompany we offer our products in affordable prices. You can order from low quantities, even with a single piece, to test it for newly launched products. You can personalize these boxes in preferred colors, unique graphics, and printing your own business monogram. Furthermore, whatever the eyeshadow product size, we will manufacture these boxes in custom sizes.