Foundation Boxes

Foundation Boxes

We can give you fabulous offers to get these custom foundation boxes at wholesale rate in your range. We should make packaging boxes on large scale in all sizes and styles and give your product a new look and you can raise your business in market on huge demand. you can free shipping with us from worldwide and enjoy our great services.

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Custom Foundation Boxes

There are so many makeup products in the market from which one is purely essential, without this product makeup cannot be completed, it is called foundation. This is a cosmetic applied to the face to create color complexion, to cover flaws, sometimes to change natural appearance and texture of skin. Females are aware about their beauty so they prefer things that make them look more beautiful and presentable among their fellows.

Foundation being so desirable cosmetic item, so packaging of these product is highly demand-able among its audience. Whenever, you go to market or any cosmetic shop you can see many brands of foundation in different packaging and you should select luxurious packaging of cosmetic item which attract you the most. In today’s market, many people try to create best packaging for cosmetic items to grab buyer’s attention towards the product.

Foundation available in market in both liquid and solid form so the packaging of both these form is different. For solid foundation we use containers and usually rectangular or circular shape boxes are good for this type of packaging. For liquid, we use jar and glass bottles for the storage of foundation, cylindrical boxes are suitable for the safe packaging of this cosmetic item. Basically, these boxes protect the item from damage during storage and while transported. Good quality packaging raises your product demands among the audience.

At our company, we have custom packaging boxes in all shapes, sizes and styles with exciting color combination according to your product need. Furthermore finishes, like printing, graphic designing, die cut window and more provide a great charm to your product. Foundation boxes includes tuck end flap which further divide in straight and reverse tuck end, gable and five panel header shape boxes are available in all sizes with printed designs.

These foundation boxes are made of quality material like card-stock, Eco friendly Kraft, corrugated stock and more which make the box strong and secure your product for long time. You should find quality material for your liquid, cake, TV stick and cream foundation boxes. We should print designs and info graphics on your demand. Our skilled and well experienced designers suggested the best selection for your item that makes it more precious among peoples.

These boxes are also printed with designs and product information like ingredients along with its manufactures identity like your brand name, company logo, expiry date, precautions, contact information, barcodes, advertising texts and more which help customers to identify the product and its origin.

As describe above, for more finishes we should create die cut window of a transparent plastic sheet at the box or any panel of the box which enhance the beauty of your packaging item. We have many types of window like leaf, heart, flower shape window and more. Furthermore, we can laminate boxes with gloss and matte lamination which protect your packaging from direct light, water, moisture.

Foiling of silver and gold, embossing give your product a glorious look and more attractive. We can also print any kind of graphics according to your product need which enhance its attractiveness among buyers. We are experienced about the color combination in printing, especially females, they like bright and attractive colors. So, we can use our latest CMYK colors and print your custom foundation boxes with bright and matte colors.