Gable Boxes

Gable Boxes

These gable boxes are made of high quality durable material like card stock, Eco-friendly Kraft, paperboard and more. All this material makes the packaging of gable box strong and lightweight with a handle for easy hold. These boxes are perfect for the packaging of any item like cosmetic, food packaging; you may carry these boxes in place of ordinary shopping bags. Whether, you wish to use these boxes for gift packaging for your business. You can use these boxes as a convenient lunch box.

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Custom Gable Boxes

A type of box which is made of a cardboard material and has a square bottom with a triangular shape top which forms a handle is known as gable box. The end of wall folds up into the handle which is close through two small slits. The word gable refers to the front or side of a house enclosed by an inclined roof. These boxes are versatile containers which gives the advantage of a bag as well as a box.

Gable boxes are flexible boxes; create out of a single piece material select by the customer those folds into a suitable, fascinating shaped box with a handle to make it easy to carry. These boxes are a staple, craft and packaging supply; it gives the sense to stock your product in it and always keep them in your hand. Our large gable boxes are used for the packaging of food, gifts, launch boxes and also utilize in restaurants for preservation or storage.

They are naturally made of resistance to scratch and powerful material for safe edible items from containment. These boxes are also good for delivering food product made by restaurants. These boxes have customized features. You can get gable boxes in your desired shape, sizes with great color combination according to your product demand. If you wrap clothes, books or another gift of large size, then you can get eye catching appearance of gable boxes with more decorative material like ribbon, strip, glitter, colored wrap paper and more.

At our company, we are here to provide you the quality packaging of your product at all custom shape, sizes with great color combination. These boxes give your packaging item secure room and protect them from external environmental influence like moisture, water, dust and more. Gable boxes with protection, also gives your product an elegant and attractive look to customers.

Our skilled and experienced team designers print classical and impressive printing and graphics designs at the box on your demand. But, if you are not aware about the designs or color printing beneficial for your product then, our professionals help you and suggest you the best and suitable designs according to your product. We should print any kind of graphics and prints as like your product and also create theme graphic according to your need.

Furthermore, to make your product more specific we should create die cut window; a thin film of transparent plastic material at the box or any side of it. For more finishes, embossing, metallic finishes gable boxes are a real eye- catcher for customers, like foiling of gold and silver that make your box more attractive.

We should use quality ink of CMYK colors and more latest bright or matte colors for printing on your demand. We can also print product information for advertising your product like name of your brand, company logo, contact information advertising text, and more. All this information represents your brand and help customer to identify the product.

Get your desired gable boxes of all custom sizes with color printing and designing at wholesale rate. You can free shipping with us from worldwide and enjoy our services. We can give you suggestions and exciting offers to raise your business and make your packaging gable boxes more valuable.