Pillow Boxes

Pillow Boxes

A type of box that is perfect for smaller, lighter items such as gift cards, cosmetics, candies, jewelry and more in a shape which resemble to a cardboard pillow is known as pillow box. These boxes within a pillow shape have an interlocking tab for the protection of content. These boxes give a great way to package your product in it more conveniently. There are countless of packaging items that can go inside these fun boxes.

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Custom Pillow Boxes

These boxes are just in shape of cushion used for head support during sleeping. Custom pillow boxes are mostly used for gifts because these are easily wrapped with attractive colored ribbons. Quality with enhanced with numerous options can prepare your pillow box packaging usable for precious gift items to friends. Custom printed pillow boxes can be personalized by numerous decorative printing, unique styles and desired sizes. Customize your gift packaging, by wholesale pillow packaging cartons, in most fashionable and professional way.

Pillow packaging for food and for other items provide a professional frame to the product packaging. Products visibly build their value when displayed on the racks of a store or in a super market or even when it’s bought online. Pillow boxes make their own value between the other packaging boxes of different companies due to their elegant and attractive look. There are number of benefits that a pillow box carries; industries also promote the use of pillow boxes by many ways.

These boxes are available in customize shapes, sizes and styles with exciting color combinations on your demand. Pillow boxes are made of high quality durable material like cardboard, eco friendly Kraft and more. Durability of pillow boxes makes them strong and protective for the product. Pillow box packaging is available both in cardboard and Kraft which is a favor for these boxes. Because, Kraft and cardboard are eco friendly and light weight at a great extent, this quality makes the shipping or carrying products more easily.

In these pillow boxes less material is required which reduce the cost of production as well as packaging margin. So it makes them very convenient for low scale business as well as for large scale business. Due to less cost of packaging the slight change appear in product rate which is very beneficial for consumers. Pillow boxes are being widely used for products not in just packaging but also for specialized gift boxes. Individuals used these boxes to present gifts on special occasions for their loved ones.

At sublime packaging, our professionals make impressive printing and graphic designs according to your choice. If you are not convenient about the design or colors beneficial for your box then our designers heartily help you and suggest you the latest printing designs with exciting color combinations and give your pillow boxes an elegant look. Besides, there use in retail or sale industry, pillow boxes are also used in party favors and wedding ceremonies. We may also have more finishes such as stickers or ribbons, glitters along with the color coating of your choice.

We have variety of styles of pillow boxes as well which includes; crystal clear, frosted pillow, hanging, embossed pillow boxes and more. Furthermore, we added more finishes like embossing, foiling with different colors which makes the boxes more attractive. Pillow boxes are a great way to package your product for retail. These boxes are easy to fold and made in a variety of sizes which turn the dull packaging into a unique and eye- catching option for customers.

Within designing, we should also print brand information like your company logo, advertising texts, barcodes, contact information and more. A pillow box is an excellent opportunity for large and small companies for branding that makes an everlasting impression towards the consumers. Along with printing and designing, our prices are very low because we are keen on making new customers for more orders.

Pillow boxes wholesale gives a standard professional packaging that looks great for all types of product. You can personalize your own large or small pillow boxes according to event. Get your desired printed pillow boxes of all custom sizes at wholesale rate. You can free shipping with us and enjoy our both printing and graphic designing services.