Shirt Boxes

Shirt Boxes

A type of box used for the safe packaging of a cloth garment, usually light weight shirts, is known as shirt boxes. Shirts have become a major source of self expression. Shirt boxes are specifically made for the packaging of clothes present as a gift to someone. Most high boutiques use an apparel gift boxes to pack their items specially, if they offer gift wrap services. This means that you will need a good source of quality shirt boxes in various sizes.

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Custom Shirt Boxes

Branded T Shirts are often wrapped in custom t shirt boxes to invite potential customers. There are several kinds of branded shirts and cloth items, on apparel and hosiery stores, enclosed in printed telescoping boxes made in luxury styles. Personalized shirt boxes could be printed in various styles especially with a plastic window for customer’s direct look over the color of interior items.

These boxes are made from strong paperboard stock or thick cardboard material, for better protection of shirts, by different brands. Customize your apparel box packaging by printing and complementing your logo in metallic colors. We offer two piece cheap shirt box printing with free matte lamination and corrugated stock in wholesale prices.

Garment companies are very conscious about their brand and their custom apparel boxes. Do you want to enhance production of your brand? Do you want to make your garments shirt boxes most popular? This is only possible when you become visible yourself according to the latest trends or fashion symbols these days. Clothing stores and shopping malls have shirts of various brands in unique and attractive shirt boxes. Several garments companies produce many clothing products with their packaging but their packaging is not as good as their cost.

Vast selection of shirts boxes is available in markets for the packaging of their products. With so many online garments companies, custom printed boxes have become one of the most important way to differentiate your brands from others competitors. In this competitive market, sellers who ship their shirts in plain brown boxes have an opportunity to raise their business by using printed customize shirts boxes.  Shirts companies startup their businesses in the market and become most popular. Reason is that shirts are the casual wear, and it’s most common in today’s environment. There is always an audience for this product including; men, women’s, boys and girls of all ages.

These shirt boxes are made of high quality durable material like cardboard, eco friendly Kraft, corrugated stock and more. This material makes shirt boxes strong and protective for packaging. These rigid boxes being used as gift box for shirts, and also you can use it for any kind of clothes, accessories and more. We are proud to present our collection of two piece shirt boxes. Huge collection of these boxes with great color combination and printing designs enhance the beauty of your packaging.

At our company, we can provided quality material boxes of customize shape, sizes and styles with exciting color combinations. Our skilled and experienced workers make classical printing and graphics designing to make your product more attractive and valuable among customers. Furthermore, we can also print your brand information like your product name along with manufacturer’s identity like your company logo, advertising texts and more. All these information help your brand to satisfy your customer.

You can personalize your own shirt boxes for some special occasion to present gift like on wedding, birthday and more. To make your product more specific, different finishes like we can create a die cut window; a thin film of plastic material on the top of the lid which make your packaging more luxurious and impressive. Embossing, foiling of different colors; especially gold and silver, enhance the beauty of these boxes. When shirt boxes designed as a gift box, the little touches sometimes matter just as the gift itself. To make your shirt gift box more elegant we should add more finishes like ribbon, tissue paper, and other material to make it more beautiful on your demand.

Get your custom printed shirt boxes of all sizes, shapes and color on your demand at wholesale rate. You can free ship with us over the world. Our first priority is the satisfaction of our client.We provides our services to raise your business in market and make your product more valuable. We can give you promotional offers to get these boxes in your range.