Soap Boxes

Soap Boxes

Get your customized soap packaging in nominal costs. We can do these boxes in any size that is suitable for your retail soap items. Either you want few boxes to test for product or need bulk quantity, there is no limit for quantities. Get your quote online today.

Key Features

  • These are available on variety of paper stocks including SBS board, kraft, cardboard and more.
  • Custom die cut window in any shape could be added in same prices for quick view of soap colors.
  • One can make soap box fully dedicated for their brand along with printing of logo, images and texts.
  • These are made with perfection and fully assembled by gluing before shipping. A ready to use product is delivered.
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Custom Soap Boxes

Soap boxes are commonly known for packaging of soaps and other toiletry items. These are seen in both brown or white paper material. Kraft card, with a natural look, is popularly use for handmade soaps to give out recycled look. White card stock is found in different types. Commonly C2S, SBS or Recycled having smooth white with shiny or matte feel on both sides, is used when a multi colored design is printed on these boxes.

This type of packaging boxes is fully customized according to the soap bar sizes. One can print outer surface of these boxes with any custom artwork along with number of finishing options to enhance their beauty. Regarding the structural styles, we see a huge variety personalized by different brands. While printing these custom soap boxes, they design these with product information, images, logo and produce in desired sizes.

These are also made in easy opening tuck tabs, convenient folding panels, die cut window either blank or with plastic covering, strong assembly through gluing. We are specialized in printing of soap box packaging as per customer’s requirements. We ship these fully assembled and these are ready to use. No side gluing is required and they only need to put their soap in them.

An ultimate solution for soap packaging

In our daily life, soap is known as a cleansing product often used after bath, toilet or to cleanse dirty parts of our body. Traditionally it was made only of fats and an alkali without considering any of its effects over human body.

Homemade Soap

But nowadays, due to lot of innovations in medical science, people are very conscious while selecting a soap type, fragrance, ingredients, uses and more.

Soap For Skin Care

Based on these choice, there is a huge variety of soaps available in market including bath soap, skin cleansing soap, skin care soaps, moisturizing soaps, baby soaps and other kitchen, laundry, novelty, guest, medicated soaps.

These are further categorized in factory made and hand-made types.

Soap Factory

Retail soap, a factory made product, is made with a fixed formulae for general use but a hand-made soap is produced in a small quantity based on its specific uses and special ingredients.

Types Of Handmade Soap

All these types of soap are packed and offered to customers in different packaging styles like soap paper wraps, boxes, sleeves, labels and as a gift box.

General Soap Containers

Every method for packaging the soap is perfect for particular function but folding cartons, made of paperboard, are the most convenient for packing and to display brand identity, names, ingredients etc.

For easy packaging, closing and product protection, these boxes are made with die-cut tuck flaps during their manufacturing. Furthermore, these are highly customizable in their sizes, material, designs, printing and ad-on finishing choices.

When we say them “custom”, it means a fully dedicated soap box designed, printed and manufactured only printed with your own brand name and in a specific size.

Types of soap boxes

Based on the specific styles and shapes, paper material, printing options and uses of soaps, we classify the soap boxes in various bellow types.

Custom Soap Boxes

Our custom soap boxes are made as per customer’s specific requirements. These are customized on any material, printing colors and any finishing to make them unparalleled from existing brands.

Custom Soap Boxes

These artistic soap boxes are normally designed with personalized touch to offer a traditional and quality product. Enthusiasm, passion and creativity, together with a rigorous selection of raw materials, have allowed us a wide range of products capable for responding to the quality and price demands required by the most demanding customers.

Custom Printed Soap Boxes

A special emphasis is placed on finishing after printing for the presentation of the product, enhanced by artistic shapes and images, a result of careful study and continuous research in soap packaging area. These artworks attract customers with exquisite flavors.

Customized Soap Box

Further these are packaged in a gift box containing different soap fragrances with rose flavor, made with embossed graphics, hand carved special pattern.

There are many companies that offer soap boxes for packaging soaps and normally they have only stock items in their standard color. But, at sublimepackaging, we offer them as a tailor-made solution using custom designs, unique folding options, unique color printing and more.

Custom Handmade Soap Box

This box is often made of natural kraft paper but if a full color artwork is to be printed then white paper with matte feel on both sides is utilized. These are made in custom sizes and shaped for irregular structure soap.

Custom Handmade Soap Boxes

Because these soaps have numerous fragrances so commonly a die cut hole is added that makes it convenient for customers to feel their flavor. The association of custom window is the perfect way to showcase your soap colors as well.

Custom Die Cut Soap Box

This type of soap boxes are customized at die cutting stage during manufacturing process. In general, every box is made after die cutting into specific style.

Custom Die Cut Soap Box

When we say “custom die cut soap container”, then its means it is made with a custom sized hole on any side or on top either kept empty or covered by cellophane film to keep soap flavor fresh and dust free. These die-cut structures could also be shaped in animal images, logo or text frames that make the box structure more attractive and stylish.

Kraft Soap Boxes

These boxes are, named based on the material, made of kraft paper to enhance the recycled and natural look. These are personalized in any size and material thickness. This type of boxes is the graceful solution to thousands of handmade, vintage, and gift soap items.

Kraft Soap Boxes

Kraft made folding cartons are normally printed with just solid colored letters or arts but we use innovative technologies to print them with full color images. The Kraft paper is a strong material having naked pulp texture in brown color. It is also available white and black colors.

White kraft soap box could be printed with any color combination and color look remains but on brown paper due to brownish neighbor surface printed colors can not be distinguished completely. Only the black ink looks 100% real. These boxes are printed with different foils mainly gold or silver as well that make them more attractive.

Clear Window Soap Box

These boxes are named due to the transparent plastic window applied at the die cut hole on their interior surface. This clear window film is of pvc plastic or cellophane material. These clear window soap boxes completely seal the soap product keeping them safe from dust and moisture.

Clear Window Soap Boxes

The size of window is variable but its purpose is to safeguard soap product and to display its colors. We produce these with number of creative ways to deliver unique products.

Handmade Soap Boxes

These boxes are beautifully designed and produced for handmade soaps. These are useful for both packaging and soap gift presentation. These are often tied up with colorful ribbons.

A handmade soap box is normally made of natural kraft paper. Virgin natural kraft is perfect for handmade soap gift box and for soap subscription box. It makes a everlasting gift for a your clients, friend and family and loved ones.

Handmade Soap Boxes

A handmade soap itself a natural item produce from essential oils which are derived from plants and natural colorants. Due to its minimal side-effect over human body, these are most common item among the people having sensitive skin.

To enhance their natural look, we produce these boxes on Eco-friendly recycled Kraft material with custom printing of your own choice. We also offer burlap ropes and ribbons to make this gift impressive.

Oval Window Soap Box

These soap boxes have an oval shaped cutout on either side to show off inner product. This oval window could be of small or large size and either cover with cello or kept blank.

Oval Window Soap Boxes

This box is best choice for handmade soap bars giving an eye-shaped look to customer’s view. It allows audience to glance at your personally created product! It will represent your soap more professional and audience will love it!

Rectangle Window Soap Box

These boxes are known due to the style of window on them. This soap box has cutout window in square or rectangular form either with sharp or round edges. Mainly the purpose of round edges is to make it more attractive.

Rectangular Window Soap Boxes

The additional advantage of the window is that it could be made in small sizes and you have all other sides of box to put text information, ingredients and graphics.

Custom Window Soap Box

This soap box is structured with any irregular shaped die cut cutout window on it. It can be either like the boundary wall of your logo, text, image or any shape.

Custom Window Soap Boxes

This part gives a little window onto the soap inside the box so that you can see its color. So when these soaps are placed on retail shelves then customers are able to see the soap that’s inside the container.

During design process the window is outlined with at least 0.125″ bleed margin. This line is not printed but at die-cutting stage it is cut by steel rule blades fixed in die-board.

Adding the window on soap box is best choice We normally do not charge any extra for adding simple cutouts but these are covered by pvc film then there are minutely additional charges.

Cardboard Soap Box

These cardboard soap boxes are made from natural colored recycled cardboard paper stock. Normally the cardboard texture colors are grey, off brown, dark brown and off white.

Cardboard Soap Boxes

It is much strong box compared to other card stocks. It is used for set of soap bars or as a soap subscription box to ship your soap gift set with other stuff. It is also used for hand-made crochet items and home decor soap favors.

This box is beautifully crafted with lot of design and printing finishing options. A lovely design with logo can enhance their beauty along with foiling and embossing.

Soap Bar Holster Box

This holster box is a mini soap display tray like structure that keeps the bar in vertical pop up position. These are made with innovative ideas to display individual soap colors and favors at your small shop or trade shows.

Soap Holster Boxes

To leave more beauty cutting sides of this box are made with spiral, flowery, upward and downward dome shapes or any custom die cut shape. These are made from luxury matte paper with any professional artwork made by your designer.

Soap Shipping Box

It is made for shipping your handmade soap with other bath commodities. These are made of corrugated cardboard material that is only suitable to protect delicate soap bars.

Soap Shipping Box

Normally the boxes for shipping soaps come in tuck tab mailer style. This style is convenient to close you box completely and to print your brand identity on top panel.

These are made in plain Kraft color, black or white corrugated material. There is a huge selection of printing colors to endorse their elegance. If you just need them non printed then sticker labels, printed with brand information, are applied.

Mini Soap Box

This mini soap box is mostly used for small sized round, oval or square shaped soaps used to serve guest in hotels and restaurants.

Mini Soap Boxes

These are made with same high quality printing options but are just a bit smaller in dimensions. This box is also perfect to send your soap samples to customers to test your product before they make a purchase. You can also do the sampling for newly launched flavor to acknowledge your audience.

White Soap Box With Window

This box is made from white paper substrate also know as bleached board or white clay coated. White card board is also used to manufacture the white soap boxes.

White Soap Boxes With Window

Furthermore, a cutout window is produce in their structure white cutting these boxes into their style. Folding is done from crease or score lines and after gluing process these are completed for soap packaging.

These are also produced by using white cardboard to leave a natural grey back look. Because of their name “white” these are normally not printed and sticker labels are applied to brand them with soap name, monogram etc.

Bath Soap Box

Bath soap is a necessary item used in bathroom. This soap is packed in bath soap folding cartons. The soap is either wrapped in plastic or vellum sheet or just put in the box. This box is used by soap factories, big brand or even made for hand-made soap on kraft card.

Bath Soap Boxes

The exterior surface of this box is printed by lot of information like item name, flavor, ingredients, UPC barcode, images, logos, instructions, precautions, slogans and more. It is also fully customizable in its style and size.

Soap Box Labels

These are multiple shaped paper labels applied on hand-made soap.

Soap Box Labels

These soap labels are normally made from 60#, 80# or 100# glossy or matte paper, 12pt. SBS board and some time a sticker stock to apply them as a seal on soap carton tuck in flaps.

Wax Paper Soap Wrapper

These wrappers are made from waterproof paper having wax or paraffin bond in their components.

Wax Paper Soap Wrapper

Wax paper is resistant to humidity, oil and crease. Due to this feature, these are used to wrap the soap products. Hand-made soap manufacturers directly print this paper, wrap around the soap bars and tie with a burlap rope or paper soap label

These wrapper serve as soap gift wrapping paper and could be personalized with numerous full color printing options. This paper come in many colors like white, ivory, red, green, brown and more.

Eco Friendly Soap Box

It is a biodegradable soap packaging box that could be recycled easy to keep our environment green.

Eco Friendly Soap Boxes

This box has a green or black colored circular recyclable logo representing it as an environmentally friendly product. Almost all our paper stocks are Eco-friendly we use at sublimepackaging. But the well know are kraft and recycled cardboard.

Custom Soap Wrappers

These are simple piece of paper or thin card stock printed with custom artwork and ingredient information on it. These are wrapped around the soap bar and tied up either by rope, band, labels or glue.

Custom Soap Wrappers

Wrappers are generally used for soap bar wrapping for retail sale or to beautify a soap gift. The paper used come in many colors and styles.

Just like soap labels, wrappers are also good idea to promote brand name. The major difference between labels and wrappers is that a label is just to decorate while wrapper also serve to protect the soap bard. Soap wrapper material is waterproof that saves the bar from humidity.

Clear Soap Boxes

Clear soap boxes are smart, stylish and acceptable packaging solution for luxury soaps. These are made from clear pvc plastic or vinyl having anti-scratch quality for clear visibility of inner product.

Clear Soap Boxes

The clear box is produced by finest die cutting methods via side bevel cutting rules or by laser cutting. It is also finished in different sizes in tuck end or any custom style.

The gluing process for this box is slightly different from paper made folding cartons. It is glued via waterproof clear silicon glue by heat sealing method.

Gift Set Soap Box

It is made for packaging of handmade soap gift sets decorated with ribbons, flowery bands, tags and fabric pieces. It is abundantly used as soap subscription box made from rigid chipboard and corrugated cardboard material.

Gift Set Soap Boxes

It can hold different kinds of soap flavors and accessories, ranging in height, color, and shape. It is made in either single piece mailer type or two piece gift box with lid.

Soap Favor Boxes

These are beautiful favor packages for personalized soap favors. You can decorate the inside of the boxes with luxurious crest paper, dividers to protect your soap and place them wonderfully.

Soap Favor Boxes

Box strength depends upon the weight of your soap favor. For single bards you can choose luxury card stock but if needed to pack a set of favors then rigid material is always available in any color combination along with different foiling colors.

Custom Soap Sleeves

Enhance the beauty of your homemade soap with customized soap sleeves in different die cut styles. These sleeves are available in less cost but bring a creative way to brand your product and display it luxuriously.

Custom Soap Sleeves

A full covering soap sleeve, just like a match box, secures soap bar completely. It is assembled from side and shipped flat. You just need to slide the soap in it. It is made from variety of paper stocks like kraft, cardboard and more.

Rectangular Soap Box

It is the most used box style for both homemade and retailer soaps. Because soap bars often seen in rectangular shape and this box supplies the same volume to pack the bar. This rectangle shaped soap box is shipped completely assembled having either straight or reverse tuck end flaps for putting your product in it conveniently.

Rectangular Soap Boxes

It has other benefits, too — they can be racked into small spaces of retail shelves easily. The display rack might be small, but it can fit there easily so customer can view and pick it up.

Soap Storage Box

This type of soap box is normally made of rigid material like corrugated cardboard. Printing on these is not necessary but just your logo because these are used for bundling your soaps and store in warehouse after manufacturing.

Soap Storage Boxes

Sizes of these boxes varies depending upon the number of bars and their dimensions. Soap storing box is also used to ship multiple bars to customers safely. We can adjust any size required to fit your soap bundles easily. Along with rigidity, these are also made in any color like brown textured kraft and white in affordable prices.

Soap Packaging Paper

It is used for packaging of soap instead of packing in a box. Soap wrap paper is also used to put vintage homemade soaps in it to send as a gift krafted with custom printing and bands. You can also design these with lot of ingredients over whole surface specifically for wrapping different shaped soap sizes.

Soap Packaging Paper

The paper weight used for soap wrapping ranges from #80 to #120. It is printed with full color graphics over shiny or matte surface. There is a variety of materials that are also water and crease proof for protecting the product from moisture.

Square Soap Box

As shows from its name, this soap box is made in cube shape made with custom design templates. It is made in both single piece or in two piece gift carton. It is also customized with window, embossed letters and printed with any kind of custom graphics for enhancing its beauty.

Square Soap Boxes

There are also some washing soaps still available in market which are made in square shape. This box is suitable for them along with sampling your square shaped try-out flavors made in small sizes.

Soap Gift Box

Make a great gift by putting handmade soap in this luxurious gift package. These soap gift boxes could be used for all occasions, holidays and trade shows.

Soap Gift Boxes

Our beautifully crafted soap gift packaging box come in various shapes.

  • It could be in a small suitcase style printed with the name of your company. You can also attach tags, bands, rope or tied with twine for DIY decorations.
  • It can be in two piece style either made of thick rigid stock, kraft or SBS card along with logo foil in different shades.
  • As a single unit that encloses your handmade soap set made of a dense design over cardboard.
  • Any customized style in your own size is made upon your request that completely your branded item.

Soap Size Box

Now it is easy to choose dimensions for your handmade soap bar and pack in same sized box. There are endless customization to enhance it according to any shape and size.

Soap Size Boxes

If you have multiple sizes of same flavor then these are an economical solution to your product packaging.

Soap Display Box

This soap display box gets your handmade soap bars attractively displayed at a trade show, ceremony or retail store. It is made either in single tier for a stalk of bars or multiple tiers for different soap flavors. People can sort through soaps and choose their purchase conveniently.

Soap Display Boxes

We can also provide dividers which are placed inside the tray body to keep the soap bars apart from each other. These inner parts are made from different kinds of paper material either printed or just white or brown.

Bath Bomb Boxes

These bath bomb boxes are the perfect gift for putting multiple bath balls or a set of bath bombs favors for presentation or storage. Since the bath balls are little fragile soap items so we make these boxes from strong material available in different colors. Our cardboard boxes for bath bombs are also made with window and partitions to protect these lovely products.

Bath Bomb Boxes

Either your bath bombs are in simple round shape or whatever, these packages are perfect for your handmade product. Up to 12 different flavors, these are also made with plastic molded inserts to make this product luxury and expensive.

Double Bar Soap Box With Window

It is made of Kraft having two portions to put two bars of your homemade soap. Both are partitioned by cardboard dividers. An open die cut or pvc covered window is made to display the product.

Double Bar Soap Boxes With Window

These dual soap containers come in both single piece and 2 piece structure. For single piece style dividers are must to put and pull the product conveniently. Either in both size tuck end style or just tuck top shapes are often preferred for retail look. In single tuck panel, bottom is finished by die cut lock or auto-lock to assemble it easily.

For two piece style both soap bars are placed in a tray, decorated and inserted in a sleeve cover. D shaped die cuts further make it easy to open and close the carton conveniently.

Half Soap Boxes

It is half bar sized soap sleeve generally used to display soaps over retail counter and trade shows. By this method customer can view bar shades and smell the flavor during finalizing their choice. After putting the product in it, you can further wrap it up by clear plastic paper and apply sticker labels to close up.

Half Soap Boxes

This half box soap packaging is used only for handmade soap gifts. It enhances the look of your personalized soap favors, you made artistically for loved ones.

It is also used to display soaps in small shops. Soap is placed inside it conveniently because their top side is without any closing flap.

This half box is little affordable due to less material consumption. If you are shipping a subscription box to customer with different soap flavor then, why not pack them in half box soap cartons by printing flavor information in less cost?

Soap Box Sleeve with Tray

Just like drawer, soap box tray with sleeve consists of a fold-able double wall tray covered by printed cardboard sleeve with lovely designs. Trays, holding soap product, often made in simple single crease folding or double score folded thick walls. This double creased shaped wall is very attractive and stable. It provides more protection to interior product made in 1/4″ or 3/4″ thickness.

Soap Box Sleeve With Tray

It doesn’t require gluing. You just need to fold and lip folding flaps with make it stable when they are lock each over the bottom side of the tray. These are also known as folding trays for soap gift packaging.

Sleeves can be made by a different kind of paper stock along with attractive designs printed on outside. These are bit wider than trays and slip over them easily. Due to the folding capability this type of soap packaging is affordable due to much saving in shipping volume.

Soap Belly Bands

Soap belly bands are die cut pieces of paper which are wrapped around the soap bars. These are made from little bit flimsy card or paper and wrapped either vertically or horizontally. This way soap is not fully covered and customers can view your product easily.

Soap Belly Bands

Soap bands are designed with logo, images and any text on each panel as desired and cut into any style. These are also used as shrink wraps for set of soap bars. You can easily finish and pack your items professionally.

Soap Box with Logo

These soap boxes are known by logo printing that means any personalized design or artwork can be printed. With you own designed logo art with unique colors is bit a costly option but at you will get it done in wholesale cost.

Soap Boxes With Logo

To put your design a die-line template is required drawn with cutting and scoring lines. There are many online resources where you can design yourself but if you want us to make one for you then simply contact or sales team. We will supply free template in any format you require to put your personal design on it and finalize your soap box artwork attractively.

Choosing a perfect soap packaging style

Looking for luxurious soap packaging ideas? It totally depends upon the nature of items you’re putting in a box. For homemade soap there is a vast variety of colorful and lovely design themes by thinking various holiday gift ideas or birthday favors. It is a favorite choice among spa gifts. These are also usable to put bath and body spa products and cleansing agents in them.

We offer personalized soap packages for any size with a nice personal touch. The size, shape or color of these items are created in accordance with your requirement. These boxes beautify your homemade product by putting your scents and decorate the soap with other gift accessories.

The material is a key choice during style selection. You must be aware of its thickness or strength and order the right one could protect your items. The boxes we make are fantastic for packaging soaps, both liquid and solid. These are filled with fresh soap, scrubs and bath products to treat your body and skin.