Telescoping Boxes

Telescoping Boxes

Telescoping shipping boxes are made as two piece set for various shaped items and can be adjusted to different product sizes. The outer box which is a lid or topper is the main feature of telescoping boxes that slides over the bottom box. The designs of a full telescope style join the flaps on side or end panels instead of top or bottom of the box. These boxes are the great idea for greeting cards and packaging of other products.

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Custom Telescoping Boxes

Enhanced printing of custom telescoping boxes with diverse features and styles to meet your custom demand. Cost effective and discount custom telescoping boxes are available for your product packing with unique art published on lid and determining the success of your product marketing campaign. We offer an elite choice of unique and superior printed telescoping boxes to our customers. Easily design your telescoping boxes wholesale using our free design services. Our telescopic boxes can be customized on both paper and rigid cardboard material.

Choose your telescope box styles, colors and sizes. You select it; we design and print it for you in cheap prices! Rather than ordering a new size create custom telescoping boxes for all products having different heights. Our telescopic boxes can be customized on both paper and rigid cardboard material.

Attractive glance or look is essential for every product in business. These types of boxes can also save space during transport and storage because of their tall and narrow shapes. These boxes are very useful in peoples live and that’s why these boxes are acceptable everywhere. They can use these boxes for temporary or permanent storage in stores or warehouses. These boxes are best storage outcome for electrical mechanism like vehicle parts, device hardware and many other small and large tools. Telescoping boxes can have wide variety for packaging of products which includes equipment like drills, cutters, tape, pins, greeting cards, gift and more.

Telescoping boxes are made in all custom sizes and shapes by different packaging boxes. Mostly, companies try to give their best quality packaging among audience to grab their attention. These boxes are preferred in working areas for storage purpose. Telescoping boxes are highly used for businesses and on industrial level for moving or shipping. Telescoping boxes provides an opportunity to raise business of small and large scale. Other then industries, they are also used in vehicle dealers, factories, workshops, hospitals, pharmacies and more.

These boxes are made of highly durable cardboard material, eco friendly Kraft, corrugated stock and more. These types of sturdy material make telescoping boxes strong and protective. This adjustable two piece design fit the product in the box and protects it from damages. If you have flat custom telescopic boxes then you would be able to pack large mirrors, art frames or painting. These boxes are the easiest and great suggestion to resolve storage problem. They can also be used as a perfect gift boxes with an impressive look that can present your gift courteously. There is no need of wrapper while you have telescope boxes.

Custom telescope boxes are available in printed innovative designs and artwork. Quality printing and creative designs play an important role in best marketing and sale of your product. At our company, we provide you quality packaging and also fascinating printing designs according to your product need. For printing of telescope boxes, we firstly start with client’s emergent ideas and explorer them visually for best manufacturing. We should use quality CMYK and other latest colors for printing and designing.

Within artwork on telescoping boxes, we should also print product information like brand name, along with manufacturer’s identity like your company logo, barcodes, advertising texts, contact information and more. Entire information help customer to easily recognize the whole product. To make your product more specific we should laminate boxes with matte or gloss lamination that prevents boxes from moisture and more external influences. Cardboard and corrugated boxes are highly convenient for telescoping boxes because these materials are eco friendly and can easily reuse for making more other boxes.

You can order us and get desired telescoping boxes of any shape, sizes and styles with great colors combination and printed options at wholesale rate or at lowest cost. We served extra custom options like free lamination, UV coating, stamping, foiling with different colors especially gold and silver which enhance the beauty of your telescoping boxes. You can free shipping with us from worldwide and enjoy our services according to your own choices. We should give you best suggestions and offers to raise your product demand in market.

There are two rectangular trays in telescoping box made in such dimensions that one can overlap to other. These two pieces may appear of same size at first look, but there are some significant differences in sides. Interior space of cover must not be too wide from the bottom part. This is essential for strong telescoping boxes, which are perfectly constituted.

Printed telescoping boxes are the best solution for packaging gift, mobiles, auto parts and cloth. These boxes are flexible in substrate material. You can have these printed on thin paperboard as well as on most rigid cardboard and chipboard. Corrugated telescoping boxes are the most used in auto part industry. Due to their construction, telescoping box styles are always end up to 2 piece container with sharp or rounded.

Telescoping box  can be square, rounded or hexagon. You can see styles by visiting sample page and make sure the style is definitely useful for you item. Marketing techniques are constantly changing but the quality expressions of product is only by using quality telescoping box that represents the new updates in product are liberated, new inclinations are discoursed and new strategies for more sale are modernized.

Full color printing on telescoping boxes with an impressive and dainty artwork printed are most important for your brand credibility. This is because fist look at the outer packaging before viewing the inner product. Our wholesale telescoping boxes are created from the best available stocks, whereas box styles are built from the client’s desire for unique shape using different techniques. When you think about something unique than other’s then we will provide the most economical solution.

The basic style is about same for these boxes just because its name “telescoping” that means you can make its height smaller or shorter. Cover could be either full overlap to the bottom or partially depending upon your choice. If you want to use the same box for different products of dissimilar heights then full over lap telescoping box is recommended. Moving up the cover will give you the height margin for products with varying heights.

Telescopic box is just like a 2 piece gift box. 2 piece include lid and bottom. Lid extends over and covers bottom part. Bottom is blank tray which is used to put the product in while lid is placed over to protect the inner stuff. We make telescoping boxes with variety of materials. Since the folded telescoping box covers much space so both pieces are shipped flat. These could be folded and assembled using a transparent dense glue, adhesive or by staples to join the sides. Lid is made of slightly big in size from bottom so it doesn’t require any ribbon to fix over the bottom.

Custom Telescoping boxes are used for Fruits, Eggs, Gifts, Tissue paper, Electronic Parts, Auto Parts. Also! if your product is slight big in height the benifit of Color printed telescopic cardboard box is that you can adjust its height by slightly sliding upward. Custom telescoping boxes are printed with number of unique options that may vary from one product to other. Below are some common features mostly used in product packaging.

The basic style is about same for these boxes just because its name “telescoping” that means you can make its height smaller or shorter. Cover could be either full overlap to the bottom or partially depending upon your choice. If you want to use the same box for different products of dissimilar heights then full over lap telescoping box is recommended. Moving up the cover will give you the height margin for products with varying heights.

These boxes are commonly used for gift items but due to their flexible structure large industries use them for product packaging. These industries include gift & toys, stationery & office, mobile accessories, hardware tools, vehicle & auto parts, electronic parts, surgical instruments, pharmaceutical products, sports & games, textile & hosiery, shoes & crafts, agriculture & food, industrial parts & tools, machinery stores and electrical equipment manufacturers.

Cover and bottom are the parts combining to package the product.

Custom Telescoping Box

Cover comes over bottom.

Custom Telescoping Box 01
Custom Telescoping Box 02

Product with more height could also be placed inside the box.

Custom Telescoping Box 03

Variable height is by moving the cover up or down!

Custom Telescoping Box 04

Useful for multi sized items

Custom Telescoping Box 05

Half centered top!

Custom Telescoping Box 06

Custom printing over bottom

Custom Telescoping Box 07

A more strong and reusable box

Does quality matter for smaller and larger sizes? Absolutely not. Only the difference is size and material. All sorts of telescoping boxes are prepared in a substantially manner by our production team. For smaller sizes thin paper is utilized and for big one we used heavy stocks. We also do hot foil stamp for company name or business logo on the cover in golden, silver and multiple holographic look.

Telescoping box is not just a room to package contents, so you would put up your stuff in the bottom and cover the content with top, but also a great tool to impress your customers. This box is a marketing duct as well as a packaging box. Your customers expect your brand or logo to pursue with them on a more attractive look. If they don’t attract customers due to their simple construction even they are expensive then it impact over product.

Putting the decorated labels over a box after packing can reflect your ambition but this will typically have much less impact to consumers looking to buy fancy stuff. Well designed artwork along with understanding the substrates and style of the telescoping box will make easy it easy for consumers to pick or identify your product from retail stores.

These boxes can be used in combination with inserts, providing more shelter to sensitive products. And they can also be filled with foam, cloth or bubble. And these can also include transparent or semi-transparent window over top. Things get pretty crazy when you make a customized telescoping box.

And, just when you desire you are going to use these for utterly every product you produce, making competitive packaging solution — say hi to our sales person who is online for further instructions. You will get the most economical telescoping box estimate after a small discussion. Uploading artwork is not absolutely necessary for getting the estimate. This means you can find the costs even if you have not created any art and set it according to your choice with the desired costs.

If you are an industry owner expending huge money every time on custom telescoping boxes on its artwork preparation, what would you feel if we do the same stuff in less amount and you can save a lot? Do you want fancy telescoping box printing or do you want to know the best printing with lowest cost? It is more cost effective solution to print two or three orders in combine quantities and be very active in knowledge of paper stock suitable for the product and fitting the dimensions.

This not only avails you to render a more economical packaging solution, increase you product sales and profit, but it also facilitates to construct a unique packaging that will your personalized graphics. This type of telescoping box can acquaint new buyers to your product or brand and even deliver chances to references.

If you intend to use a custom shape of telescoping box – a master piece. First work on its dimensions suited your product. Then draw the custom shaped template or download one from our website In the below templates tab select the template from the set published online that resembles with you box’s dimensions. Now draw a unique art on the template.

Play with the art until you make it in that position the where you want it. We can also use your partial styled art to final art piece for your box – a second option. Our support team will let you know how to do it. That’s it – you now will have a proof of the final artwork. If you want to save the time simply send us the specs of the telescoping box with style and then with your specifications our designer will make an extremely beautiful artwork.

Give your logos with a suitable content and these will be used to create your personalized artwork that is ready to apply on the box and even would be used in the future for different styles.Have an update or suggestion for this box? You can contact us or follow on Social Network.