Tuck Flap Boxes

Tuck Flap Boxes

Tuck in flap boxes are little or huge size containers, made in a way that you can conveniently tuck in their ends or tops after placing product in it. Tuck flap boxes are safe to use and also provide an elegant look to product. These boxes are utilized in a wide range in businesses and also in daily life. Normally, they can also be used in houses for different purposes to pack a variety of products like electronics, candles, makeup, medicines, soap, also for many kitchen wares like crockery, grocery and more.

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Custom Tuck Flap Boxes

In packaging industry these boxes are used, with preferment, for fulfillment of retail items. Custom tuck end flap boxes are a convenient way to promote industrial products in retail stores. They have longer usability then a folding carton and make your packaging attractive. These boxes can be customized by product images, text, and business logo. We can do your flap box printing in wholesale prices imprinted with significant attributes of product and UPC. We also offer tuck flap boxes on almost every paper stock suitable for your specific product.

Material used in manufacturing of these tuck boxes entirely depends on your product. If your product is of lightweight and you want to display your product in shelves of retail shop or showcase your item among people then different you required expressive packaging with great finishes. Vast selection of tuck flap boxes is available in market in numerous shapes and sizes with various printed designs and colors. Different packaging companies made quality tuck boxes to raise their product image in market.

Tuck flap boxes are made of highly sturdy material made of paperboard, corrugated stock, card board, Kraft stock and more. All these material provide strength for longer use of these boxes and also its durability provides protection to packed item. Card stock and paperboard tuck flap boxes are beneficial for lightweight items; cardboard boxes will hold their leading position in rating for long time- best boxes for moving and storage. But if your product is heavier then you must pick corrugated boxes for packaging.

Tuck flap boxes can be customize in various types and styles including, straight tuck end, reverse, auto bottom, snap lock bottom, sealed bottom tuck boxes and more. Tuck in flap with locking slots designed on each side of the front edge of the main flap. When the flap is closed these slots locked with side dust flaps. This type of tuck flap expresses the esthetic relation between functions of both panels.  All these styles of boxes are made in various sizes that make your packaging suitable and admirable. Moreover, these boxes are luxurious because of compact storing for access packaging range.

In recent years, these boxes are available in a simply brown cardboard. But now these boxes can be customize in different color printing and graphic designing. Printing and designing on tuck flap boxes convey your message in a way that grabs attention of buyers. Different kind of printing with quality materials makes your boxes presentable and attractive. Our professional team designers know their jobs well and design impressive prints and graphics on your demand.

For printing of specialize tuck flap boxes with should start with customers embryonic thoughts about packaging. If you are not aware about trends and latest designs of printing and designing then our great designers assist you in selecting attractive combinations of color schemes and also targeted the buying behavior of customers. We should also print product information like name of product, eye catchy slogans, expiry date, barcodes, advertising texts and more. All these knowledge helps your product to satisfy your client.

Our crafted packaging are not only protect, transport or shipping of your products but also helpful to branding and marketing of your packaging product. Furthermore, to make your product more specific, we should create die cut window at any panel of the box, embossing, foiling of different colors specially gold and silver provide great charm to your packaging.

Get your desired tuck boxes of any custom sizes, shapes and styles at wholesale rate or at lowest price. Select your customized designs of tuck boxes and we can specialize to make exact as you like. You can free shipping with us from all over the world and enjoy our exciting offers to raise your business among audience.

Our wholesale tuck boxes are much durable because of lamination that we apply on these for free. Introduce your product among potential buyers, by printing flap boxes in dainty colors, in retail stores. Create incredible tuck end boxes that earn more, by printing them with full color litho offset printing within your budget from us.